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Award Winning Motorsport Fabrication Services

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nitrous turbo charged motorcycle Gloucestershire

Motorcycle Builds and Repairs

At Magus Motorsport, we specialize in building and repairing motorcycles to your exact specifications. Whether you're looking for a custom build or just need a tune-up, our team of experts will ensure your motorcycle is running at peak performance.

V8 hot rod gloucester gloucestershire

High Performance Car Builds

If you're looking to take your car to the next level, look no further than Magus Motorsport. Our team of experienced mechanics can transform your car into a high-performance machine, with upgrades to your engine, suspension, exhaust systems and more.

Single seater hill climb race car exhaust system gloucester gloucestershire

Racecar Builds

For the serious motorsport enthusiast, we offer race car builds to meet your specific needs. From roll cages to engine upgrades, we can build a car that will give you the competitive edge on the track.

alloy battery box fabricated gloucester gloucestershire

Alloy Fabrication

Bespoke Alloy products built to your specification. These include, (but not limited to) Fuel tanks, Radiators, Charge coolers, Inter-coolers, Battery boxes and Catch tanks.

porsche 911 restoration gloucester gloucestershire

Retro and Classic Restoration

Our team can also provide restoration services for both cars and motorcycles. From a small corrosion repair to full chassis and body overhaul to a show winning standard.

custom motorcycle frame podercoated

Powder Coating

To give your motorcycle or car a unique look, we offer powder coating services for wheels, frames, and other components.


Auto Electrics

To ensure your motorcycle or car is running at peak performance, we offer auto electric services.

stainless steel tig welded turbo manifold gloucester gloucestershire


Need custom fabrication work done? We can create custom parts and components to meet your specific needs.

Track day Yamaha R1 stainless exhaust system Gloucester glouocestershire

Metal Fabrication Training

Interested in learning more about metal fabrication? We offer training services for individuals covering a range of topics from basic welding to advanced fabrication.

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